'This is indeed us': NOC's Ryan Tan confirms he and Dee Kosh served corrective work order

'This is indeed us': NOC's Ryan Tan confirms he and Dee Kosh served corrective work order
PHOTO: Instgram/Sgfollowsall, Instagram/ryanxgo

Do the crime, do the time — this was how Darryl Ian Koshy, or better known as radio DJ Dee Kosh, found himself doing corrective work order (CWO) for littering.

Photos of him donning the neon pink and green vest outside Jurong East Library started circulating on social media on Monday (Dec 14), sparking a wave of discussion over the authenticity of the photo and whether the public appearance was recent.

After all, the 32-year-old has been keeping a low profile for the past four months as the police investigated him over several reports alleging that he had sexually harassed minors.

Dee Kosh serving cwo after recent drama from r/singapore

Captured alongside him in another photo that surfaced on Monday is Night Owl Cinematics' (NOC) Ryan Tan, who has since come out to clear the air.

"Yes this is indeed us doing our corrective work order because we were caught littering," he wrote on Instagram yesterday.

He explained that the pair were caught littering last December, and the experience served as inspiration for a YouTube skit whereby they were approached by a plain-clothes officer for carelessly tossing trash on the ground. Ryan was later shown serving CWO in the skit.


"We thought that we should integrate [it] into our video we shot [eight] months ago cause while it was a bad thing to do, I thought we learnt a really valuable lesson, we have never littered after that," Ryan wrote.

In response to several enquiries he had received about his friendship with Dee Kosh, he took the opportunity to share that they are "still friends", despite having to put their projects and collaborations on hold.

"What my company does is a different issue," Ryan said, going on to explain that the two have an unbreakable bond.

While he refrained from commenting on Dee Kosh's alleged actions, he emphasised that they "have never been role models" as they're just entertainers.

On another note, Ryan thanked the members of the public who gave them space after spotting them serving their CWO.


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