Indoor showers? Ceiling leak at Jurong Point sends diners running out of restaurant

Indoor showers? Ceiling leak at Jurong Point sends diners running out of restaurant
Facebook user Wei Qiangding posted two photos showing the flooding in Jurong Point after rainwater leaked through a hole in the ceiling.
PHOTO: Facebook/Wei Qiangding

The recent hot weather might have gotten some Singaporeans wishing for rain, but perhaps not in this manner. 

Some unlucky diners at Jurong Point experienced indoor 'rainfall' last Saturday (April 29) while tucking into their dinner at Prata Wala, all because of a hole in the mall's ceiling. 

A woman surnamed Huang told Shin Min Daily News that the gap in the ceiling on the first floor caused rainwater to flow into the building.

According to a video seen by the Chinese daily, there were also some exposed wires sticking out of the hole. 

Another eyewitness, a man in his twenties who declined to be named, told Shin Min that there were about 20 diners at Prata Wala when the ceiling started leaking. 

One of the ceiling tiles had also fallen, but no one was injured.

"Water suddenly started flowing down, and the customers ran out of the restaurant in a panic," said the man, who added that the hole in the ceiling appeared after a downpour on Saturday afternoon. 

Facebook user Wei Qiangding also caught a snippet of the ponding in the mall, showing patrons wading through the ankle-deep water. 

The puddles were eventually cleaned up by some of the tenants on the affected floor. 

When Shin Min visited Jurong Point on Saturday evening, some restaurants on the first floor were forced to shut down temporarily as the mall's janitors were cleaning up the area. 

A spokesperson Jurong Point told 8world on Sunday that most of the affected shops have resumed business, except for some areas inside Ichiban Boshi. 

They added that the mall's operations team immediately took action as soon as they were notified of the leak, and that no injuries were reported from the incident. 

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