Internet sulks as Hari Raya snacks seen discarded, probably due to tightened Covid-19 rules

PHOTO: Facebook/Asyurah Rose Lann

When the new Covid-19 measures – known as Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) – was announced on May 14, there was little surprise the disappointment many faced as it meant another Zoom Raya for those celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. 

Food – both savoury and sweet snacks – is a central part of these celebrations when loved ones, near and far, meet in person and in large numbers.  

However, in a Facebook post uploaded on Sunday (May 16), user Asyurah Rose Lann uploaded a photo of these commonly seen bottled Hari Raya snacks with the plastic red cover.

These snacks, usually lined up nicely in many a kitchen, were found in a large rubbish bin in a HDB estate, apparently after the announcement of the new measures. 

The post has garnered more than 200 likes, 800 shares and 70 comments. 

In Malay, the photograph caption implied that the act of throwing out these Hari Raya snacks was a form of protest since there is no longer a need for households to host guests due to the new measures – as it is customary to visit relatives and receive guests for almost a month.

Some netizens pointed out that they were wasting food that could have been donated to those who need it more while others rationalised that it could have been expired.

"Why did they throw it away... Just give it to those who needs it more." PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook
"This is nonsense. Just because cannot celebrate Hari Raya then have to waste food. Some people cannot even buy cookies. If don't want, just donate." PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook
"Let's assume the good in others, maybe the biscuits are expired, stale or could be mouldy."
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

One commented how these treats could accompany watching a movie at home – relaxing while snacking on these Hari Raya cookies.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

Although there were many speculative ideas on why it was thrown out, the truth remains unsolved.

Where can you donate food?

Sometimes we tend to buy more snacks – unintentionally, of course – than we need for festive celebrations and may just keep them at home until the expiration date.

However, these are some places in Singapore where you can donate your new and unopened snacks.

The Food Bank Singapore

At Food Bank Singapore, they only accept non-perishable food items that are unopened and unexpired dry/packaged food.

To donate, simply head down to any of their Food Bank donation boxes that are located across the country.

Food from the Heart

Similar to Food Bank Singapore, this charity organisation aims to distribute excess pastries and bread to the needy.

To donate, simply drop off your food supplies during their opening hours or in the food donation boxes (outside of operating hours).

Free Food For All

Last but not least, Free Food For All is a charity organisation with the aim of delivering Halal-certified food and groceries to the needy.

Visit their website to learn how you can donate. Do make sure that the food is Halal-certified before donating.