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'It looks like it's taking a dump': Rabbit centrepiece for Chinatown CNY display raises netizens' eyebrows

'It looks like it's taking a dump': Rabbit centrepiece for Chinatown CNY display raises netizens' eyebrows
The Chinese New Year display at Chinatown has received criticism from netizens who felt that the rabbit looked like it was going to the toilet
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

With the Lunar New Year around the corner, it's not surprising to see a new zodiac animal showcased in Chinatown. 

To usher in the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, this year's street light-up features illuminated bunny figures in a family portrait-style display and other oversized 'rabbits' taking part in festivities. 

When installations were completed last Thursday (Dec 29), some members of the public commented that the back view of the rabbits in a half-squat position looked like they were going to the toilet. 

According to 8world, a netizen wrote on Facebook: "Saw a very awkward-looking rabbit in Chinatown, it looked like it was taking a dump." 


Some passers-by in Chinatown also seemed to agree with the comment. Speaking to the Chinese media outlet, one woman echoed the view that the rabbit looked like it was perched atop a toilet. 

"When they designed the display they should have considered how it looks from all angles," said the 55-year-old photographer, surnamed Lin. 

However, Lin took more issue with the rabbits' eyes, which she felt were a tad unrealistic. 

To accord the said rabbit some 'privacy', some gold coins and ingots have since been added behind its rear. 

Despite the naysayers, there were others who appreciated the work behind the light-up. 

A passer-by, surnamed Xu, praised the installation for its vivid colours and remarked that the rabbits' features were beautiful. 

"These rabbits were designed by university students, and I think they did a good job. They're not considered professionals, but they put thought into the design. Although people will criticise their work, but there are parts which are done well," said the 60-year-old. 

Chinese New Year decoration faux pas 

Back in 2019, some also expressed their disdain for the pigs on display during Chinese New Year. 

The reason? Their bleary eyes and dusty skin folds made them look a little too realistic, leading people to call them 'dirty pigs'

Even the decorations in other countries weren't spared. 

Last year, a mall in Kuala Lumpur received flak for their three-story high pagoda, with complaints that it looked like it was made for the Qing Ming Festival rather than Chinese New Year

Netizens criticised the mall for their lack of research, as the pagoda's resemblance to a paper offering carries an association with death, which is considered inauspicious during Chinese New Year.

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