'It's like a bird park': Choa Chu Kang residents upset with neighbour for feeding pigeons

'It's like a bird park': Choa Chu Kang residents upset with neighbour for feeding pigeons
A woman has upset her neighbours after allegedly feeding birds at her block in Choa Chu Kang.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Birds may flock to her, but she's no Disney princess  — and her actions have also ruffled her neighbours' feathers.

A woman in Choa Chu Kang has been accused of feeding birds with bags of bread on multiple occasions, upsetting residents in the area, Shin Min Daily News reported on Sunday (May 12).

A 60-year-old resident surnamed Cai (transliteration) told Shin Min that the area below Block 276 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2, where she is often seen feeding the birds, ends up becoming very dirty.

"This woman always brings a bag of bread down to feed the birds," Cai said. "Aside from feeding them below the block, she also feeds them behind the multi-storey car park as well."

In video footage shared with Shin Min, the woman can be seen tossing pieces of bread onto a patch of grass nearby, attracting around 20 pigeons.

The woman also reportedly feeds cats in the area.

Another resident surnamed Shen (transliteration), 39, said he's been affected by the birds that flock over because he lives on a lower floor.

"Some of the birds will rest on the roof of the the sheltered walkway, waiting to be fed.

"That area is very close to the drying rack outside my kitchen, and sometimes birds will land on my clothes, dirtying them," Shen said.

'She makes the place look like a bird park'

Another resident told Shin Min that the woman has lived at the block for more than 10 years, feeding birds all year round.

"She makes this place look like a bird park, with bird droppings all over the area, causing an inconvenience to nearby residents," said the resident.

Additionally, residents also worry that the health of children in the neighbourhood will be adversely affected, especially since there is a kindergarten below the block.

"Children have low immunity, so if there are any infectious diseases, it could be very dangerous," a resident said.

According to a Shin Min reporter who visited the block, a bowl of water was seen left out on the grass. There was also a sign at the location warning people against feeding birds.

However, the woman denied feeding the birds when interviewed by the reporter, saying that she had no time to do so.

$5,000 fine for feeding birds

Responding to queries by AsiaOne, the Choa Chu Kang Town Council said that action has been taken to address the situation.

Its staff have repeatedly discouraged the woman from feeding the pigeons, but she has not heeded their advice, a spokesperson said.

"Our cleaners are always on the lookout for any food remains that she leaves behind to clear them as soon as possible," the spokesperson added.

The town council has also put up signboards and posters in the area to deter feeding.

The spokesperson said: "We have highlighted the matter to the relevant agencies and will continue to work with them on enforcement to maintain a pleasant living environment for all residents."

According to the Wildlife Act, the feeding of birds and other wildlife is illegal.

Offenders face a fine of up to $5,000 for their first infringement, and up to $10,000 for subsequent ones.

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