'It's not life and death': Shanmugam's reminder to those who lost their heads over Omega x Swatch watch

'It's not life and death': Shanmugam's reminder to those who lost their heads over Omega x Swatch watch
Long queue outside Swatch outlet at Ion Orchard last Saturday (March 26) and the Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch Collection.
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Waiting in line isn't a fun experience, especially when queues are snaking and the wait spans hours.

Frustrations bubbled over at Swatch outlets in Marina Bay Sands and Ion Orchard last Saturday (March 26) as customers waiting to purchase a watch began shouting at police officers. One was so riled up that he even challenged an officer to shoot him.

Minister for Law and Home Affairs K Shanmugam took to Facebook yesterday (March 27) linking to an AsiaOne article about the saga, and reminding Singaporeans that "we don't need to lose our minds over these situations".

"Yes, it can be frustrating that time is wasted and he can't immediately get what he wanted, but that is not going to be solved by shouting at the police," he added.

He urged Singaporeans to keep a sense of perspective, that queuing up for a watch is not a life and death matter.

One customer, who is based in Canada, posted on Facebook about his unpleasant experience with his new Omega x Swatch watch, claiming that it is not worth the hype and that the blue dye on the back of the watch had leaked onto his skin. 


"[I] went to a party and temperatures were hot so moisture got to it," he explained.

The man continued by claiming that the watch "feels super cheap" and that branding is the only selling point of this watch.

Yikes, talk about buyer's remorse.

One Singaporean buyer who managed to snag himself a Back to Neptune Bioceramic MoonSwatch said that despite the "endless queueing", it was all "worth it".


With the watches being temporarily out of stock, some might be tempted to look through platforms like Carousell to satisfy their Swatch cravings.

On that platform, many are listing the watches for thousands of dollars, far exceeding its retail price of $372.

However, $0 Carousell listings of the watch are popping up on the platform to warn others that the watch isn't limited edition.


On March 26, Swatch SG posted on Facebook that there is no need to rush if you are looking to purchase the Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection

It added: "We would therefore like to remind that there will be more opportunities to purchase the watches in the selected Swatch Stores in the coming weeks as it is not a limited edition."

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