#Joeyjios: Over 800 Gudetama, My Melody and Hello Kitty inflatables invade Sentosa - but is it worth checking out?

Sentosa FunFest will be held from March 16 to 24. Entry is free for Singapore residents.
PHOTO: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

The March holidays are just around the corner, and if you're a parent, you're probably already aware that the annual Sentosa FunFest is back for their fifth run.

Complete with free admission for Singapore residents from March 16-24, this year's event includes an "invasion" by over 800 Gudetama, My Melody and Hello Kitty inflatables.

Yes, they'll be perfect for your critters to jump on and those IG-worthy family pictures to show off on Facebook.

But for those without a mini-me, is the inflatable-mania worth braving the heat and making a trip down even if it's free?

This week on #Joeyjios, we find out.


According to the folks at Sentosa, Gudetama fans can look forward to getting up close and personal with 888 0.9m to 1.5m inflatable lazy eggs all over Palawan Beach.

Here's what the "sea" of Gudetamas looks like:

All 888 of them are spread out around the Palawan beach area so it was a little underwhelming at first sight. Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

To top off the experience, there's a massive 3m-tall version towering over all the mini-ones on the island.

I'm 1.6m for reference. Photo: AsiaOne/Joey Lee

We tried to figure out the best photo-op with this giant thing. I was dared by a colleague to run into Gudetama's, ahem, crotch, so check out our Instagram (@asiaonecom) if you missed it on our Insta-stories. 

Not a beach person? Or generally dislike getting sand in everywhere?

The path from Beach Station to walkways around Palawan Beach has an area featuring eight Hello Kitty and My Melody inflatables up to 4m-tall.

Here's what they look like:

Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee


For those who don't consider Instagram a priority (yes, I'm talking to the Insta-husbands and boyfriends), Sentosa has giant inflatable mazes and obstacle courses.

There are eight such inflatable stations and a giant foam pool. Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

You might think the obstacle course are only for kids, but if you're an overgrown child like I am, you'll be in for a treat. 

I actually forgot I was there for work. Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

If you're looking for a cheap (read: free) date night opportunity, Sentosa is screening family-favourite movies every night for the entire March school holidays at 7.30pm.

Free movies will be screened at Palawan Green every night.Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

Here's the complete schedule:

Photo: Sentosa


Although I originally came to check out the Gudetama inflatables, I would go back for another go at the obstacle course. 

Unlike anything I had imagined beforehand, the obstacle course was not only for children but also suitable for overgrown kids like me. 

Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee 

Not every station was suitable for those aged above a single digit however, as evidenced by this shot (below) of half my body sticking out from the "maze". But the other gigantic slides sparked much joy for my inner child. 

Too overgrown for this one unfortunately. Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

Be sure to bring an extra change of clothes though -- every station had staff on hand to hose sand down from my body. For those with kids, it will also help keep them cool from the blazing sun. 

Since the event is free and Sentosa is waiving entrance fees for Singapore residents entering by car or by the Sentosa Express during the March holidays, I would not mind dropping by again for another go.

Here's a map for those interested in heading down: 

Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee

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