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KTV alibi for hire: Trolls offering services on Carousell for $500

KTV alibi for hire: Trolls offering services on Carousell for $500
PHOTO: Screengrab/Carousell

When there's demand, there's supply.

Some enterprising folks (or trolls) have taken to Carousell to offer their "KTV alibi" services.

This follows the surge in Covid-19 cases linked to several KTV lounges this week.


Those with $100 to $500 to spare can try hiring these folks to help them cover up for their secret rendezvous – hoping that their significant others would not make them kneel on durian shells as punishment.

Of the listings that AsiaOne found, the most expensive one pays attention to detail, saying: "We will go deep into the details so we can be convincing."

For the cash-strapped, some have suggested a more innocuous alternative — telling their bae they visited that satay stall in Toa Payoh.


Word of warning though, you may try to trick your loved ones but the authorities have their eyes on you.

Psst, Covid-19 testing for those who visited these places since June 29 is confidential.

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