'Lesson learnt, never polish your cars': Peacock attacks its own reflection on vehicle in Sentosa

PHOTO: TikTok/_babydollzxc

Many dream of owning a luxury car, be it an eye-catching Lamborghini, a Ferrari or perhaps a Porsche.

In Singapore, the price of a new luxury car is easily in excess of $500,000. Now imagine owning such an expensive ride and having it scratched and dented by a wild peacock.

A shiny and reflective navy blue car was seen getting attacked by a peacock in Sentosa and a TikTok user named Babydollzxc posted the video on that platform on Monday (Aug 15) with the caption "spotted a peacock attacking a Porsche".


The animal could be seen repeatedly pecking on the left back door of the car before flapping its wings on it and repeating the process. The sound of the animal pecking the vehicle could be heard a few metres away from the car where the video was taken.

Thankfully, it seems like the bird had only damaged that small side of the car.

This is likely not the first time a peacock has attacked a car in Sentosa as in the video, a sign was shown with the words "PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK" in capital letters.

The sign also said that there were peacocks wandering around freely and are known to attack reflective surfaces as they may view their own reflection as a competitor. 

But kudos to the one who did the polish on that car that it made the peacock go into fight mode.

Some netizens said that the repairs would probably be considered "cheap" for the owner since they could afford a Porsche.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/_babydollzxc
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/_babydollzxc

Another user recommended getting a matte surface instead of a shiny surface for the car next time so that the peacock will no longer attack it again.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/_babydollzxc

One unsympathetic netizen posted "Lesson learned: Nvr [never] polish ur [your] cars".

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/_babydollzxc

Turns out these attacks by peacocks on cars are quite common.

In 2020, a wandering peacock was also found attacking an innocent car, likely somewhere in Sentosa too.

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