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This made my day: Woman saves injured mynah, kind stranger foots vet bill

This made my day: Woman saves injured mynah, kind stranger foots vet bill
PHOTO: Facebook/Grace Chng

A woman has earned praise online after rescuing an injured mynah.

After discovering the bird with "extremely bad splayed" legs, Facebook user Grace Chng decided to take it to an avian vet.

In a Facebook post last Sunday (Jan 30), she asked the public for help.

She wrote: "Decided to foster him, and I'm trying to fix his splayed legs. Think it's helping a little as he isn't flopping with his legs askew….

"Would anyone like to contribute or help out with his vet bills? He's still getting looked at now so not sure of the final bill."


According to her, the bird was found with "no parent or nest in sight". 

As the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) was unable to take the bird in, Chng decided to take care of it herself. 

In an update, she said that x-rays taken at the vet clinic showed that the bird's splayed legs were likely due to developmental issues and nest injury.

Needless to say, comments of support came pouring in as they praised Chng's act of kindness. Some also shared tips on how to care for the injured bird.

She also said that Merlin Modret had paid the vet clinic bill that came up to $170.


That same weekend, a mynah caught in a line at Block 442 Sin Ming Avenue was freed by a man.

In a 90-second video on Facebook, the bird can be heard calling as a man attempts to free the creature. He gently untangled the bird from the line and tree before setting it free. 

It is unclear whether the man is a resident or cleaning staff of the estate.

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