Maid kisses and hugs man in front of wheelchair-bound employer at Jurong West

PHOTO: Instagram/Sgfollowsall

A maid recently engaged in hanky panky with a man at a void deck in Jurong West — and she did it right in front of her wheelchair-bound employer. 

The public display of affection on Wednesday (Nov 10) afternoon surprised two passers-by who took a photo of the couple.

In the picture, the domestic helper was seen sitting on the man's lap, hugging and kissing him, as her elderly charge was forced to look from her wheelchair.

Realising that they were being photographed, the couple stopped kissing but continued to behave intimately.

According to the passers-by, the elderly lady looked helpless and made eye contact with them as if she was asking for help. 

Several minutes later, the maid and her beau moved to another block in the area to avoid being filmed.

The helper later left with her elderly charge and did not use an umbrella to shield her from the rain, they said.

One of the passers-by later sent the photo to Lianhe Wanbao, saying, "The elderly woman looked very frail, I'm not sure if she's vaccinated.

"It's inappropriate for the maid to take her out and abandon her like this." 

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