Man calls police on doctor making home visit, here’s what happened

Man calls police on doctor making home visit, here’s what happened
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Irked by the presence of "trespassers" in his private residential estate, a man living there decided to call the police.

But it turns out that they were doctors attending to a patient in his home.

For Dr Bobby Stryker of Rescu, it was the first time that someone had called the cops on his team in the past five years of running the mobile doctor service.

In a TikTok video shared on Tuesday (March 7), Dr Stryker said that he saw "some guy" glaring at him while he was parking the vehicle at a car park below his patient's residence.

The stranger then barraged the doctor with a series of questions about his identity, according to the four-minute video.

This was even though he had noticed a sign on the car's dashboard which states that the vehicle belonged to doctors on a house call, Dr Stryker said. 

Despite explaining that they were there to see a patient, Dr Stryker said that the man was not convinced.

The doctor said: "He was like, 'Why are you here? Which unit are you going to?'

"And we were like, 'Well, we can't tell you that I'm afraid. [We're] not allowed to break doctor-patient confidentiality'."


But Dr Sryker's explanations had only riled up the stranger, with the latter threatening to call the police.

"Our patient was unwell upstairs all this while. So we gowned up and went about our usual way," the doctor said.

While Dr Stryker was attending to the patient whose condition was worse than expected, a colleague informed him that the police had showed up at the block. 

Describing how the paramedics had also arrived to convey the patient to hospital, the doctor said: "We all went downstairs… The police could see the entire event unfolding in front of their eyes."

That was when the stranger changed his tune and claimed that Dr Stryker did not introduce himself as a doctor during their verbal exchange earlier.

"We only refused to tell you which unit we were going to," the doctor said. "I apologised and said I'll try to identify myself even more clearly next time.

"But no ill feelings. It kind of ended amicably… we proverbially kissed and made up."

Speaking to AsiaOne on Thursday (March 9), Dr Stryker shared that members of the public have been very kind and understanding towards his team.

But they often get mistaken for being food delivery riders due to their pink medical bags, according to the doctor.

"Thankfully, our patient is recovering well. All's well that ends well," he said.

While this incident ended on a peaceful note, it didn't go too well for this man who allegedly made a police report when a bus did not stop where he wanted.

An Instagram video shared last Sunday (Oct 23) showed the man shouting at a couple of police officers at a bus stop in Bedok, with the latter trying to calm him down.

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