Man hurls stack of plates at diner after insisting he has 'choped' a table which was already occupied

PHOTO: Stomp

Upset that the restaurant table he had 'reserved' with a tissue packet was already occupied even before he arrived, a man allegedly flipped out and threw a stack of plates at another diner.

The incident occurred at Casa Verde, a family-friendly trattoria located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, on March 3.

Stomp contributor Anonymous said her brother, his wife, a female friend, and three children had visited the restaurant for dinner that evening.

Anonymous, who was not at the scene, told Stomp: "After the adults sat the three kids down, they went to order food at the counter.

"A couple then came and sat down at the table where the three kids were seated. The children did not realise that the couple had placed a packet of tissue paper on the table.

"The adults then came back with a stack of porcelain plates so that they could split a pizza.

"However, the couple said they had already 'choped' the table because their tissue packet was there.

"My brother, who is the quiet and easy-going type, asked how could that be as the table was occupied even before the couple arrived. He asked them if they had asked his kids.

"The guy didn't answer the question and instead, insisted that he had 'choped' the table. He also insisted that my brother and his family leave the table.

"My brother refused as his family had occupied the table even before the couple 'choped' it.

"In his rage, the man grabbed the stack of plates and hurled them across the table, at my brother."

According to Anonymous, the man's female companion had tried to stop him but was "too late".

The Stomp contributor added: "The plates were smashed everywhere, even around children. Not just my brother's children but other kids who were at the restaurant too. They were all very frightened.

"Members of the public yelled at the man to stop and someone called the police.

"The man wanted to attack my brother again but was restrained by other witnesses. Someone started filming and my brother called the police.

"The police arrived around 20 minutes later but the couple had already left."