Man records video of his grandmother throwing rubbish out their home window in Aljunied, receives flak for 'publicly shaming her'

Man records video of his grandmother throwing rubbish out their home window in Aljunied, receives flak for 'publicly shaming her'
Tony Ng's grandmother littering from the kitchen window of their home at Ajunied Crescent.
PHOTO: Screengrabs/Facebook/Complaint Singapore

Frustration with family members is part and parcel of living in an intergenerational household.

Facebook user Tony Ng seemed at his wit's end when it comes to dealing with a particular habit of his grandmother.

The elderly woman doesn't know how to throw rubbish properly, according to Ng.

Instead of dumping waste into a trash can or down a rubbish chute, she chucks them out the kitchen window of their home in Aljunied Crescent.

Ng decided enough was enough and recorded a 44-second clip of her in the act, before posting it on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Friday (Sept 9).


Sat on the sofa in the living room, Ng looked from afar as his grandmother swept the kitchen floor.

She casually lifted the dustpan out the window before disposing of all the dust and litter.

Tony mentioned that he advised his grandmother against littering, warning her that doing so could get her arrested.

Unfortunately, this had little to no effect on her.

Netizens weren't too bothered by the old lady's littering habits, but many were displeased with Ng for "publicly shaming her".

"The biggest failure of your grandma is not about throwing rubbish but to have such offspring I guess," one Facebook user sniped.

Within the waves of comments attacking Ng for posting the video, there were some who sympathised with his situation.

One netizen mentioned that he could "sense [Ng's] frustration" at having to resort to such drastic measures. 

"I am very sure [he] has tried all sorts [of ways] to stop his grandma from doing this," the netizen added.

Under the Environmental Public Health Act (EPHA), any individual who commits a littering offence is liable on conviction to a court fine of up to $2,000 for a first conviction, $4,000 for a second conviction and $10,000 for the third and subsequent convictions.

In July 2022, a similar incident occurred in an HDB block in the Ghim Moh neighbourhood. A woman was caught emptying food and tossing cigarette butts out an HDB window.

The video was taken by a neighbour in the HDB flat opposite hers.

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