Mouse shows up at store in Harbourfront Centre, has people squeaking in delight

PHOTO: Facebook/screengrab

Eek, a mouse! Not really.

A woman visiting a store at Harbourfront Centre found herself charmed by a mouse on Tuesday (Oct 5) when it made a surprise appearance. 

In a Facebook post, she shared a 22-second clip of the animal scuttling around Watsons, running past a rack of tissue boxes, and then eventually burrowing into a corner beside the makeup display shelf. 

She shared more about the mouse sighting in the caption, saying: "Oct 5, around 1.50pm, saw this little cutie mouse, lost at HarbourFront Watson store". 

05 October, around 1:05 today, saw this little cutie mouse, lost at HarbourFront Watson store🐭🐹

Posted by 文情峰 on Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The video, re-shared by the Facebook group Complaint Singapore, quickly went viral. At the time of writing, the post has garnered more than 1,100 shares, and more than 700 reactions. 

As the animal appeared to be more of a pet mouse than a rat, netizens cooing over its cuteness started to name popular mouse cartoon characters that came to their minds.


Others jokingly suggested the reasons why the mouse made a trip to the store. 


Some took a wild guess, saying that the mouse probably escaped from a nearby pet store. However, a quick check of the mall's directory showed no such shops. 

Animal sightings in stores have amused many netizens, such as this monitor lizard who caused a ruckus in a convenience store in Thailand in April.