Moving on? Singaporean couple suspected of dumping newborn baby in Taipei get engaged

PHOTO: Instagram

Getting engaged is a joyous occasion, but a Singaporean couple's announcement of their good news has left many people puzzled.

After all, they are suspected of dumping their newborn baby in a bin last year.

Having laid low for many months, the pair shared news of their engagement on Oct 24 on social media.

They're believed to be cohabiting nowadays, the man's father told Shin Min Daily News.

The woman, 25, allegedly delivered a baby girl on Feb 26 last year while holidaying with her boyfriend in Taipei.

Hours later, a recycling company worker discovered the infant's body, with her umbilical cord and placenta intact, in a food recycling bin.

On the very same day, the couple checked out of the hotel and returned to Singapore.

Taiwanese police later traced the couple to their hotel room where the woman had given birth — blood samples taken from the bathroom and the baby's DNA were a match.

Surveillance footage of the area also showed a man throwing a garbage bag containing the baby at 3am that day.

However, when contacted by Shin Min last year, the man denied that his girlfriend was pregnant and had given birth in Taiwan.

The police said in March that year that they were in touch with the Taiwanese authorities and would offer assistance if requested.

Investigations into the case are believed to be ongoing in Taiwan.