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Mystery solved: Man who allegedly left cut electronic tag on Grab ride arrested

Mystery solved: Man who allegedly left cut electronic tag on Grab ride arrested
PHOTO: Facebook/Fyzal Anwerbag

A week after the discovery of a cut electronic tag in his car confounded one Grab driver, the culprit has finally been tracked down.

A 23-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday (Oct 27) after allegedly tampering with his electronic tag and absconding on Oct 10, the police and Singapore Prison Service (SPS) said in response to AsiaOne's queries.

The man was serving out his Release on Supervision (ROS) period after his release from a Reformative Training Centre (RTC).

As part of the ROS regime, which includes restrictions such as curfews, he had been fitted with an electronic tag to monitor his whereabouts.

SPS was alerted to the tampering of the electronic tag at about 12.52am on Oct 10.

They then made several attempts to contact the man via his mobile number and through his family, but were unsuccessful.

SPS subsequently lodged a police report against the man on the same day.

A police gazette against the man and a recall order for him to be brought back to the RTC were also issued that day.

The tag was later found in the car of a Grab driver on Oct 19, who returned it to the police. He also took to Facebook to share the unusual find.

Investigations in relation to the alleged tampering of the man's electronic tag are ongoing.

The man was charged in court today (Oct 29) for a separate offence of harassment on behalf of an unlicensed moneylender, the authorities added.

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