Nanyang Girls' High apologises after teacher pulls on students' bra straps

Singapore Press Holdings

[Update, Jan 30]:

Nanyang Girls' High School has apologised on behalf of one of their teachers who pulled on several students' bra straps, causing them distress.

The teacher in question was conducting a routine uniform inspection last Tuesday (Jan 22), and was checking that the colour of bra straps worn were in compliance with the school rules. 

As the form teacher was male, the checks were conducted by a female teacher. 

An unhappy parent contacted Shin Min Daily, and according to the report, complained that the teacher's conduct was inappropriate.  

While she understands that since Nanyang Girls' High's uniforms are white, the school mandates that undergarments worn have to be either white or beige-coloured. But students should not have been subjected to such treatment, said the parent.

After the incident occurred, several students also posted online about the teacher who pulled and snapped one of their bra straps. They added that those who broke the rules were made to sit outside the classroom as punishment. 

The parent who was interviewed said that all checks had previously been done visually.

Last Thursday (Jan 24), letters addressing the incident were sent out to all parents and guardians, acknowledging that the inspection process this time round had caused undue distress to students.

The administration expressed regret over the issue and also thanked parents for their feedback, as well as their patience over the handling of the incident.

They stressed that the well-being of their students and creating a conducive study environment was of utmost priority to them. 

The teacher involved has since apologised to the affected students. 

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