No Backpack Day as students here use supermarket trolley, shoeboxes and even plastic basins instead

No Backpack Day as students here use supermarket trolley, shoeboxes and even plastic basins instead
Jurong Pioneer JC students forgoing their backpacks for the day.
PHOTO: PHOTO: Tiktok/Jia.ennn

You may have heard of World Kindness Day, Star Wars Day or even Opposite Day (observed on Jan 25 by the way). 

But how about No Backpack Day? 

Apparently it's a thing, one that the Generation Zers are taking to in style. 

Yesterday was a self-declared No Backpack Day for some students — a day where they turn up in class carrying everything they need in anything but a normal backpack.

A TikTok video was uploaded by a Jurong Pioneer Junior College student yesterday where some of the students were seen lugging their school supplies in toolboxes, shoeboxes and even plastic water basins in lieu of their usual schoolbags. 

We're not sure how their teachers took to their antics.  


One student, in particular, took it up a notch and was seen lugging a plastic Cold Storage trolley as her 'backpack'.

Comments in the post were amused at the sudden odd event.

But the trend also sparked confusion among some.

Students in Poland also celebrated No Backpack Day last month, with some using trashcans and a shopping cart in lieu of their bags.

One even went to school clad in the entire outfit and gear of a food delivery person (see TikTok video below).


But this trend could have gone viral of late resulting from quite a dark situation.

Last September, Rigby Middle School in the US banned backpacks from the school after two separate incidents involving guns in the campus.

Students then mocked the ban by turning up in school carrying their supplies in a range of random items including prams, shopping trolleys and even popcorn machines. 

This may be why one particular comment felt that the trend was going out of hand.

At the end of the day, a ban will hardly stop these Gen Zs from finding a loophole to have fun and go crazy.

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