No domestic workers allowed? Spa responds to accusations of refusing service to maid

No domestic workers allowed? Spa responds to accusations of refusing service to maid
PHOTO: BelleCare

What was meant to be a well-deserved R&R at a spa for a domestic helper in Singapore quickly turned sour when her employer was allegedly informed by the establishment that they would not serve her as "no domestic workers [are] allowed".

This was despite the fact the spa had listed work pass holders under those eligible for the service, and that the employers had informed the spa a month in advance that they had purchased the package for their helper.

Bellecare, the spa in question, was quickly put on blast on various social media websites such as Facebook and Reddit on Saturday (Oct 3) by the employer and their friend.

Discriminatory experience by my friend's helper from r/singapore

In response to the allegation, the owner of Bellecare told AsiaOne that the spa had a longstanding practice to only provide services to domestic helpers if they have consent letters from their employers.

The practice came about due to past incidents where domestic helpers had taken advantage of their employers by sharing the spa's packages their employers had purchased for them with their boyfriends.

"We try not to deal with helpers like this. Our practice has been going on for a while, some employers appreciate us looking out for them," the owner explained, adding that she was not keen to let helpers go behind their employers' backs.

She added that this was explained to the affected helper's employers, but they had called it "old-school".

According to her, the need for a consent letter was originally included in the package's terms and conditions where it was listed on a promotional website, but was apparently rejected for customer bias.

Apart from domestic helpers, the spa owner added that students below the age of 21 are also required to produce a consent letter from their parents.

She emphasised that the spa does not practise discrimination and that as long as customers are healthy and adhere to the conditions put out, "all races are accepted."

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