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No joke: This student's pet rabbit actually ate her homework

No joke: This student's pet rabbit actually ate her homework
Zeng Wen's pet rabbit happily nibbling on her homework.
PHOTO: TikTok/_zzzengwennn_ zeng wen

Pet ate your homework? Sounds like a lame reason, but for one student in Singapore, it really did happen. 

And this time, it wasn't the typical the-dog-ate-my-homework excuse but a rabbit that did it. 

The TikTok user, who goes by the name Zeng Wen, took to the video-sharing platform yesterday (Nov 7) to show that her rabbit did in fact eat her homework. 

In the 15-second video, the animal could be seen on the floor enthusiastically nibbling on a worksheet. 

It seems like the furry creature was having an entire paper buffet too as several other partially-chewed papers were strewn all over the ground. 


"[Teacher], my rabbit [ate] my [homework]," Zeng Wen said in the captions. 

In the comments, she added that she had been wondering what excuse she should give her teacher for the mishap, but decided that video proof would suffice. 

Netizens were mostly amused by Zeng Wen's little crisis, though some added that it was a good thing she had some proof. 

Surprisingly, this isn't an uncommon phenomenon either and others shared that their own experiences of their pet rabbits chowing down on their homework. 

However, some had concerns about the worksheets being a choking hazard for the rabbit. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Zeng Wen for her comments. 

Zeng Wen's rabbit isn't the only pet that enjoys munching on paper as a snack. 

In 2020, Malaysian Afif Adlan Mohd Hanafiah took to the internet to rage about his cat eating his degree

"My cat f****** ate my degree!!!!!!!," he said in the furious tweet, adding that he had no idea why his pet had chosen to chew on it out of all the other "useless papers" in his room. 

Thankfully, his school, the University of Nottingham, assured him that they could help with the issue. 

Afif also shared in another tweet that he has learnt his lesson and will laminate his new degree. 

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