No prom, no problem: Students organise own party at hotel for over 100 graduates

No prom, no problem: Students organise own party at hotel for over 100 graduates
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For many students, attending a prom is one of the highlights of their school years.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions being eased too late, one school apparently found it too late to organise the annual event resulting in their prom being cancelled, shared one TikTok user, who goes by the name Cheyenne. 

One group of tenacious students, however, were seemingly undaunted by this and decided to plan the event themselves. 

Documenting the end result in TikTok yesterday (Nov 22), Cheyenne shared that the prom, which was held on Nov 21, "went well". 

"We did it ourself," she said proudly in the captions. 

The event was held at Furama Riverfront Hotel and a total of some 117 students attended the event which cost about $9,000 in total. 

Cheyenne explained that this included the setting up of a photo booth. Some of the activities at the event also included games prepared by the committee team. 

In a second TikTiok uploaded yesterday (Nov 22), Cheyenne shared what went down on the days leading up to prom

Apart from showing her glammed up hair, nails and eyelashes for the event, she showed snippets of how the event turned out with some students performing on stage. 

In the captions, Cheyenne also thanked her committee members for their help. 

"Has been a hectic ride but I'm [going to] feel so empty now that it's over," she said emotionally, adding that they had started planning for the event since September. 

Unfortunately, there were some hiccups along the way and Cheyenne revealed that there was some "conflict with teachers and students", but thankfully, "it all worked out". 

"Thankful to everyone who came for cooperating with us. And that marks the end of my secondary school journey," she wrote. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Cheyenne for more details. 

Impressed by Cheyenne and her committee's efforts, many netizens flocked to the comments section to praise them for a job well done. 

One netizen added that Cheyenne had probably picked up valuable skills such as event planning and vendor management from organising the prom. 

Apparently, Cheyenne's school isn't the only one that did not have a prom planned for this year. 

Other students from various schools shared that they were in the same boat with one saying that they tried to plan their own prom but "the school stepped in and said no". 

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