'No wonder no one queue': Diner bemoans paying $11.50 for economy rice, says he missed that red flag

'No wonder no one queue': Diner bemoans paying $11.50 for economy rice, says he missed that red flag
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It seems that Singaporeans can't catch a break with these exorbitant 'cai fan' prices. 

Another post was made on April 22 on Complaint Singapore Facebook page about the high food prices in Singapore, with one user joining the discussion by sharing how he got charged $11.50 for 'cai fan' at City Square Mall's Food Republic recently.

Facebook user Charlie Tang shared that he only ordered two meat and one vegetable, mocking that maybe he was overcharged because it was an "elite chicken". 

He said that the price was nonsensical, and added "No wonder no one queue during dinner hours. I missed the red flag".

Tang's comment caught the attention of some netizens with one asking "Is that dinosaur meat?"

Another user commented that at the price of $11.50, he could have eaten a steak instead. 

Rated 1.3 stars on google, it seems Tang isn't the only one with issues about the 'cai fan' prices at this particular stall.

One diner remarked: "Dishes look attractive, so I ordered porridge to go with dishes but the garlic fish and otah were super salty and the veg was cold. In total, the dish cost $9.90!"

Another called it a "dubious stall" and urged others not to patronise it.

"They put prawns in many dishes and count as seafood such as French bean with prawns which cost a whooping $4.40. Added together with 1 meat, 1 veggies and rice, it amounted to $11.20!" Said this diner. 

$15 'cai fan' a miscalculation, says F&B operator 

Earlier this month, another diner posted about how he was overcharged for his 'cai fan' at Velocity @ Novena Square on Complaint Singapore Facebook page too.

Francis Lim said he ordered a vegetable dish with two meats for his meal which he thought would cost at most $12.50. 

But the man was shocked when he was charged $15 for the 'cai fan'. When he asked for a receipt, the stall owner allegedly "scolded" him and refused to give him one.

Lim added: "It is clear to me that he is dishonest and was trying to overcharge customers."

Responding to AsiaOne's queries, Koufu shared that it has reached out to Lim after seeing the feedback on social media.

His cai fan order was a result of miscalculation, the food and beverage chain said, adding that a refund has been arranged with the diner.

"The stall tenant is also willing to offer a complimentary meal to apologise for the service gap," Koufu said.

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