'Police officer' in scam call says 'I love you sir' after seeing man in police uniform

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/SgfollowsAll

How do you get out of an awkward conversation? For one scammer, he did it by saying "I love you".  

A 'police officer' in a scam call recently found himself lost for words after he was 'interrogated' by another man who appeared to be wearing the police uniform.

In a TikTok video on Feb 19, the caller claimed to be from the Singapore Police Force.

"Is it? You're from the police force, is it?" the man on the other end of the line asked while showing him his shirt.

Undeterred by this 'plot twist', the scammer turned off his camera and asked the man to show him his identity card.

The man asked: "You see what I'm wearing right now?"

After a moment of awkward silence, the scammer replied: "I love you, sir".

The man who recorded the incident clarified in a second TikTok video that he was not impersonating a police officer in the scam call.

When the man received the call, he had just finished a shoot and was still in uniform.

"I wanted to take the opportunity to tell the scammer that he had messed with the wrong person," he said, adding that he wanted to raise awareness on the issue about scams here.

Last November, another 'police officer' with a South Asian accent was similarly called out after he had trouble spelling his Chinese name in a scam call.

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