Really Soh fast: Clocking under 7 minutes, this man is Singapore's fastest 2.4km runner

PHOTO: Instagram/@runsohfast

For most Singaporean men, the 2.4km race is one filled with dread and memories of national service. 

Not for top national marathoner Soh Rui Yong who has managed to run under seven minutes with a timing of 6min and 53sec on Saturday (Sept 4) – the fastest recorded in Singapore.

Previously, it belonged to Marcus Ong who held a time of 7min and 22sec. A good timing for most males in their twenties, falls between ten to 12 minutes.  

Excited to announce that I have launched #Project659, where I will attempt Singapore's first ever sub-7min 2.4km run on...

Posted by Soh Rui Yong(苏睿勇) on Friday, March 13, 2020

Soh first announced taking on the 2.4km challenge in a Facebook post on March 2020, dubbing it #Project659, where he would attempt to run under seven minutes.

"The 2.4km distance resonates with all Singaporeans because we all have to do it in school and in the army," he said in the post. "No one has yet gone below 7min for the distance, however, I believe it to be possible and will be taking a shot."

The 30-year-old athlete already holds four national records for 5,000 metres, 10,000 metres, half-marathon and marathon as reported in media. Now, he's added one more to his list of achievements.

Vanessa Lee, who also ran with Soh in the Pocari Sweat Run 2021 2.4km Challenge on Saturday, broke the record for the women's fastest 2.4km run with a time of 7min and 59sec. 

In a Facebook livestream on Saturday evening, the two athletes can be seen completing the six laps around the Kallang Practice Track in their record-breaking run.

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