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'Severe hoarding issues': Elderly man turns Henderson Crescent HDB block corridor into 'junkyard'

'Severe hoarding issues': Elderly man turns Henderson Crescent HDB block corridor into 'junkyard'
PHOTO: Stomp

An elderly man with "severe hoarding issues" has been leaving heaps of clutter outside his flat in Bukit Merah, stumping both neighbours and the town council alike.

Stomp contributor Ricardo said this has been a persistent issue at Block 105 Henderson Crescent that started "almost two years ago".

He shared a video taken on August 10, showing numerous items cluttering the 15th-floor corridor and stairwell. Furniture can be seen at the staircase landing, and there are even things such as books on the resident's window panes.

Ricardo, who likened the area to a "junkyard", told Stomp: "This inconsiderate person has caused much inconvenience to all our neighbours.

"He is always putting all his junk and expired foods outside the corridor, blocking the passageway and stairway. Sometimes he even burns candles and cooks along the corridor, as if he has bought over the place already.

"Many complaints have been made to the authorities but to no avail. After getting warnings or having his things thrown away, he will just put them there again. It seems like nobody can stop him from doing this. Even when I informed our constituency's Member-of-Parliament (MP), the resident still continues to do this. 

"You can look inside his house, which is completely full and like a junkyard. We think that he might have purposely placed his items outside so the town council can clear them for him.

"He has no consideration for others and we are afraid that the things will catch fire, which is when we will be in trouble.

"We would really appreciate if someone can help us solve this issue, which has been clinging on to our minds for so long. Thank you."

In response to a Stomp query, Tanjong Pagar Town Council said: "The town council is aware of this case as the elderly gentleman staying in the unit has severe hoarding issues.

"We have been trying over the course of the past few months to reduce the clutter along the common corridor. We have done clearance twice this year but the resident will immediately fill up the area with new clutter.

"We are also working closely with the grassroots leaders and agencies to engage the elderly gentleman to see how we can help him."

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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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