'Shame on you': Woman makes a mess while watching Dr Strange in Tampines cinema

'Shame on you': Woman makes a mess while watching Dr Strange in Tampines cinema
Woman makes a mess while at Golden Village Tampines Mall.
PHOTO: Screengrabs/Facebook/Catherine Ang Seow Leng

Munching on snacks while catching a film at the cinema is normal but what's a little less customary is making a mess while doing so.

Unfortunately for Catherine Ang, she saw a fellow moviegoer do just that at a screening of Marvel's latest superhero film Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on Thursday (May 5) night at Golden Village Tampines Mall. 

Ang was so appalled by this woman's actions that she decided to snap some photos of her and the mess she made.

The photos were uploaded to Facebook group Complaint Singapore the following day. It has received 250 comments and 620 shares at the time of writing.


"Shame on you," Ang wrote.

In the images, the woman could be seen sitting rightmost on a row of empty seats. On top of littering, Ang mentioned the woman was wiping her hands on the headrest of a seat next to her.

When Ang went to take a closer look, she found a plastic cup, a 100-plus bottle, and numerous snacks left behind.

The mess under the chairs was worse as the woman supposedly brought two bottles of wine into the movie theatre and rolled one under the seat along with a stack of disposable cups.

AsiaOne has reached out to Golden Village for more information.

After viewing the photos, one netizen placed the blame on the woman's parents by saying she had a poor upbringing, writing: "Probably her own room could be 100 times worst than this or even her body smells".

Another netizen shared that their mum had a hard time when she was working as a cleaner in the cinema.

"I hope more people can be considerate and make the cleaner's life easier."


Littering is an offence under the Environmental Public Health Act of Singapore. If convicted of littering, one will be liable for a fine and/or imprisonment, depending on the type of offence committed.

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