Singaporean couple's 8-day South Korea trip turns into 7-day quarantine stay thanks to Covid-19

The couple had to be quarantined at a hotel in South Korea.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

It was supposed to be this couple's long-overdue holiday to South Korea, the land of K-pop and Korean dramas with gorgeous sceneries. 

However, Covid-19 threw that proverbial spanner in the works.

A Singaporean couple, who go by surnames Huang and Li, both 25, had planned an itinerary for an eight-day holiday there.

However, on their first day (July 13), both tested positive for Covid-19, reported Shin Min Daily News

Short-term visitors like Huang and Li who test positive for Covid-19 upon arrival in South Korea need to serve a seven-day quarantine at an allocated quarantine facility, according to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore.

This meant that this couple was immediately shuffled to a quarantine hotel where they spent the next seven sad days confined within four walls. 

Speaking to the Chinese daily, Huang shared that their original itinerary involved them going to Seoul for four days, and then Jeju Island for the remaining four.

In total, they said they had spent close to $3,000 on the hotels, flights and other fees.

The couple said they had not anticipated contracting the virus as prior to flying off, their Antigen Rapid Test (ART) results were negative, reported Shin Min. Both are also fully vaccinated. 

However, during the flight, they started experiencing symptoms. 

"We didn't feel very comfortable on the plane, but thought it was the dry cabin that caused the dry itchy throat," Huang shared with Shin Min. 

After testing positive, Huang's symptoms included loss of voice while Li had a fever and sore throat. 

Despite the setback, Huang said that she had been to South Korea before, so she has "no regrets" missing out most of this trip. She was also thankful that she was able to quarantine together with her boyfriend. 

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After exiting isolation, the couple managed to spend their eighth and last day making the most out of their holiday by eating and shopping in that country.

Huang said that they bought travel insurance and are still trying to figure out the claims.

This isn't the only time a Singaporean has contracted Covid-19 during a trip.

On Monday (July 18), local singer-songwriter Amanda Ong made a TikTok about a song she made after catching Covid-19

Ong caught the virus during her honeymoon and she had to isolate in a separate room from her husband. 

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