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Singaporeans among 16 injured after Malaysia-bound tour bus collides with truck

Singaporeans among 16 injured after Malaysia-bound tour bus collides with truck
The front of the bus had been smashed.
PHOTO: Jasin Bestari Fire and Rescue Station

16 people, including a number of Singaporeans, were injured after a tour bus collided with a truck in Malaysia along the North-South Expressway in Malaysia, reported the New Straits Times (NST). 

These passengers were reportedly taken to the hospital. There were a total of 27 passengers onboard the bus.

The incident happened today (Nov 28) at around 4am at KM179, North-South Expressway, heading north.

Jasin Bestari Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) Operations Officer, Senior Fire Officer II Azman Md Dawam told NST that they received a call about the accident at 3.57am. 

"Upon arriving at the location at 4.10am it was found that the express bus slammed into the rear of a trailer truck carrying a load of recyclable materials," Azman said. 

Three ambulances, one fire emergency ambulance and two civil defence ambulances were dispatched to the scene. 

He also added that the 16 passengers that were taken to the hospital suffered minor injuries while the remaining 11 were not hurt. 

"All the injured victims were given initial treatment and sent to the hospital by ambulance and EMRS to receive further treatment," he said.

The operation ended at 5.20am this morning. 

AsiaOne has reached out to StarMart Express for more information. 

Tour bus accident in Genting

Earlier in July, a tour bus under Transtar Travel was involved in an accident with a lorry near Genting Highlands

After the collision, the passengers were trapped in the bus for about an hour before they were freed by the Malaysian Civil Defence Force.

Out of the 20 passengers onboard, more than 15 passengers were Singaporeans. Five of them were taken to the hospital. 

It was reported that Transtar Travel offered all 20 passengers on the bus full refunds, accommodation in Kuala Lumpur and transport back to Singapore. 

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