Singaporeans have shown it is possible to love the country and vote for the opposition, says Lee Hsien Yang

PHOTO: PHOTO: The Straits Times / Gin Tay

Mr Lee Hsien Yang said in a Facebook post on Saturday (July 11) that Singaporeans have shown “it is possible to be loyal, to love Singapore, to recite with pride 'We the citizens of Singapore’, and to vote for the opposition”.

He said that the crisis election should have been a “piece of cake” for the People’s Action Party, but instead it had its vote share “seriously dented” while the opposition has gained ground in the east and the west.

“The Workers' Party has performed brilliantly, winning two GRCs and one SMC. It has demonstrated leadership at its best, an ability to transition party leadership, and fielded strong, sparkling, youthful and diverse teams,” said Mr Lee, who is Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s brother.

He also noted that the Progress Singapore party was able to gain some 40 per cent of vote share in the constituencies it contested, describing it as an "extraordinary achievement".

Mr Lee, who is a PSP member, said that he knew that party chief Tan Cheng Bock and the PSP team would “build on this first step and work hard to create a Singapore where good values and people matter”.

He also called the election result a “wonderful victory for Singaporeans”.

“It is a huge first step towards transparency and accountability, towards addressing the PAP’s groupthink and conflicts of interests, towards a Singapore which is compassionate and democratic. We are beginning to find our way out of the maze. Well done Singapore.”

Singaporeans Win Singaporeans have shown that it is possible to be loyal, to love Singapore, to recite with pride “We...

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Saturday, July 11, 2020

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