'He is within his rights as a citizen': Lee Hsien Loong on Lee Hsien Yang joining PSP

PHOTO: Facebook/PAP, PSP

Would we see two brothers standing on opposing sides in the general election?

With Lee Hsien Yang recently joining Dr Tan Cheng Bock's Progress Singapore Party (PSP), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long commented: "I don't have any specific comment, he is within his rights as a citizen.

"This GE is not about me or any family disputes which may involve my brother and me," he told reporters in a press conference on Facebook Live on Monday (June 29).

Instead of such matters, PM Lee said that the focus should be placed on Singapore's future as the country is facing the most serious crisis since its independence.

"Health, jobs, and the future. And I think we should focus our attention on those big issues."

Lee Hsien Yang joins Progress Singapore Party, seen on the party’s campaign trial in Tanjong Pagar constituency. He has...

Posted by AsiaOne on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

While the younger Lee's entrance to PSP has been under the spotlight, he has yet to indicate if he will be running in this year's general election.

The 62-year-old has gone on walkabouts with the party in places such as Boon Lay Place Market and Food Village and Tanglin Halt Market over the weekend.

Nomination day is on June 30.

Since 2018, PM Lee and his younger brother Lee Hsien Yang have disagreed over the demolishment of their family home along Oxley Road after their father Lee Kuan Yew's death in 2015.

Dr Tan: Lee Hsien Yang didn't join PSP to talk about Oxley

During a virtual press conference to announce the PSP manifesto on Monday, Dr Tan also addressed Lee's decision to join the party.

He said: "People must get away from the notion that [Lee] joining PSP is just to talk more about what happened with Oxley. I don't remember him discussing this particular subject among us and to the press.

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"He went out with me on so many occasions, we visited so many markets and shopping malls, and every time the press will ask the same question and just listen to his answers. It's nothing connected to his family."

The remarks were made in response to a question about Lee's Facebook video published earlier in the day. In the video, Lee took aim at the People's Action Party's handling of Covid-19, asserting that "the resulting economic damage could have been avoided".

Singaporeans will have to go out to vote on 10 July when they would have preferred to stay safe from the risk of getting...

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Lee claimed that "conflicts of interest are rampant throughout government" and that a "narrow groupthink" is what "prevails in today's PAP government".

"This election is our opportunity to end the status quo of the supermajority. We can have our voices heard in Parliament," he added.

Dr Tan also explained that Lee joined the party because he believed in what they stood for - more accountability and transparency.

He pointed out: "If we don't adhere to these values, how can the people trust us? This is the reason I came back to politics. And I hope that Singaporeans will use this coming election to really re-examine [the Government] because if they want us to change, they must change.

"They must not have this stereotype thinking that only the PAP can look after Singapore."

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