Snakes fall from trees: American shares 10 reasons why Singapore is the 'worst place to live in'

Snakes fall from trees: American shares 10 reasons why Singapore is the 'worst place to live in'
Alison Emerick made a video listing out 10 reasons why she felt Singapore is the worst place to live in.
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We all have our gripes about living in Singapore from time to time. 

That being said, one woman, an American expatriate, might have taken it a little too far when she made a video titled "10 reasons why Singapore is the worst place to live", triggering a storm of comments on social media with her post. 

TikTok user Alison Emerick posted the video on that platform last Saturday (July 16), revealing some pain points about living in this little red dot. 


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Some of Emerick's grouses include Singapore's heat, the high cost of living, the inability to find fresh produce, and weirdly enough — snakes. 

Within a few days the woman's video quickly went viral, earning a whopping 2.1 million views and more than 6,440 comments.

Some netizens were wondering what Emerick was referring to when she talked about the "snakes" in her video.

Replying to the comment about the snake, Emerick said she once saw a snake fall out from a tree in front of her while she was having a picnic at East Coast Park. 

However, some netizens weren't too pleased with her video and suggested that she leave the country. 

One netizen, despite agreeing with Emerick's points, told her: "You are not under any obligations to stay. Pack and leave." 

Emerick also responded to one user who offered to send her off at the airport. 

There were others who jumped to Emerick's defence, pointing out that she also made a previous video on "10 reasons why Singapore is the best place to live in"

In the older video, Emerick listed some of things she loved about Singapore, such as the country's cleanliness, safety, and diversity

Responding to the barrage of comments on her video, Emerick addressed the issue on Sunday, admitting that she unintentionally "offended a lot of people".

"I assure you that was not my intent. I love Singapore, I love living here and I'm really thankful to be in this country," she said. 


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That being said, she shared some things she doesn't like about her home country as well, admitting that America has "a lot of problems" as well in another TikTok video today.

According to her TikTok profile, Emerick makes videos about expat life and travel, and has multiple videos where she shares interesting aspects about her life in Singapore. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Emerick for comment. 

In April this year, a Malaysian columnist, Mergawati Zulfakar, also accidentally triggered Singaporeans after writing about Singaporeans' bad behaviour while in her country

Some of these acts include peeing by the sidewalk and pumping their cars with Ron95 petrol. 

Singaporean Reddit users criticised Mergawati for "creating a negative impact" between Singaporeans and Malaysians, and accused her of being "salty". 

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