‘So many people cannot bring me down’: Drunk man resists arrest at Balestier

‘So many people cannot bring me down’: Drunk man resists arrest at Balestier
PHOTO: Screengrab from Tiktok

A 27-year-old man was arrested for multiple offences after a dispute which happened on Sunday (June 20) at 230 Balestier Road, the police told AsiaOne.

A passer-by on the way home decided to document the incident at around 2am and subsequently uploaded it on their personal TikTok account.

According to the TikTok user, the man allegedly wanted to drive when he failed a breathalyser test.

The video has been re-shared on a Facebook group garnering over 58,000 views and 300 shares.

In the 59-second shaky video, the man can be seen struggling and resisting arrest as police officers attempted to keep him under control with a few curious onlookers watching.

Towards the end of the video, six police officers were on the scene and the man said tauntingly: "So many people, cannot bring me down ah?"

The man being arrested then hurled multiple Hokkien vulgarities at the police, even laughing at them for taking so long to apprehend him.

"Eh like that only ah? You all police like that only ah?" he said.

The man is being investigated for suspected drink-driving as investigations are ongoing, the police told AsiaOne. 

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