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Spick and span HDB rental flat wows netizens with an all-white aesthetic

Spick and span HDB rental flat wows netizens with an all-white aesthetic
PHOTO: Facebook/ Eiffah Daisy

This organised and white-themed rented home would spark joy for most, even for Marie Kondo.

A Facebook post with Pinterest-styled photographs of the space has been shared almost a thousand times, with netizens impressed by how neat and clean it is.

"Being organised is a sign of self-respect and being minimalism [sic] isn't about what you own, it's about why you own it," Nur Alifah Bte Mustaffa wrote in the post.

Nur Alifah has lived in the Choa Chu Kang flat for six years but it took her more than five years to achieve this look, she told AsiaOne.

The 30-year-old warehouse assistant credits home improvement television channel HGTV for teaching her how to decorate her home as she makes small changes each year.

“Even on a budget, you can create a home that looks more expensive,” the warehouse assistant said. Small changes can make your home look completely different, she added.

Nur Alifah manages to keep the home spick and span even with three young sons aged four, two and three months.  

She chose a minimalist concept because it is easy to manage, especially with growing children, she shared, adding that she works hard to keep it organised so that her children can then help with keeping their home neat.

"Everything starts at home," she said.


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