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Sticky fingers: Cheeky macaques caught monkeying around in NTU student dorms

Sticky fingers: Cheeky macaques caught monkeying around in NTU student dorms
PHOTO: TikTok/notdazzed, Reddit/Jeff_98

The association between university student dormitories and a bit of 'monkey business' isn't particularly new.

But maybe, it wasn't meant to be quite so literal. 

Reddit user Jeff_98 took to the platform to share his misery after seeing two monkeys sitting on a window ledge, attempting to devour his drawing tablet and pen. 

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student had a loaf of bread and a parcel containing the tablet and pen, swooped away from his dorm room by the animals. 

If you're unaware, these monkeys – or more accurately long-tailed macaques – have a reputation for being quite cheeky and the Redditor fell prey to their sticky fingers. 

After their heist, the macaques attempted to have an alfresco dining session at the room's window ledge.

The bread was easily gobbled down but the parcel was a challenge.

An unboxing of the parcel revealed the drawing tablet and pen but that didn't bother the macaques which appeared to be seemed adamant about chomping on everything they looted from the room. 

In the comments section, many were equally shocked and amused by the incident but the Redditor took it all in stride.

However, this wasn't the only time macaques monkeyed around NTU halls.

On Aug 23, TikToker notdazedd posted videos of her run-in with wildlife at the university's Pioneer Hall. 


The video went viral with 123,000 views, and the shenanigans turned up a notch in the second video she posted, which garnered 456,000 views.


In the first clip, two monkeys were seen feasting on some eggs and bread that were supposed to be the student's breakfast for the week.

The second video showed a monkey sneaking into her dorm room. Her pleas of "no, no, go away" appeared to fall on deaf ears and the clip ended with her running out of her dorm room squealing.

According to NTU primatologist, Associate Professor Michael Gumert, that is exactly what not to do when encountering a macaque.

He told NTU's HEY! magazine that staying calm is key and sudden movements should be avoided.

Looking at it in the eye is also another no-no as that could be perceived as aggression.

For those staying in dormitories, a quick tip is to not leave food lying around the room.

But if you do end up encountering a macaque, Gumert said: "Most of the time, they're interested in something other than you."

So it's really not that different from regular school life then.

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