Stunt or not? TikToker says he hid $1,000 cash in public locations, gets folks searching in bushes

Stunt or not? TikToker says he hid $1,000 cash in public locations, gets folks searching in bushes
PHOTO: TikTok/seathebreezee

No one would say no to some spare cash.

When a TikToker said he had hidden a wad of $50 notes in an undisclosed location, the video sent some folks on a treasure hunt in the eastern side of Singapore.

On June 19, TikTok user @seathebreezee uploaded a video writing: "I hid $1,000 at the back of an MRT station in Singapore.

"I'm coming back in three days to see if someone finds it".

Since then, the clip has garnered 886,400 views, 35,600 likes and 1,942 comments.


Many caught on the clue and travelled to Pasir Ris MRT station to seek their fortunes.

As promised, the TikToker had returned to the area after three days and uploaded another video showing that someone had taken the cash, leaving behind a mere $2 note.


On June 21, he repeated the same stunt at a bus interchange after a TikTok user asked him "do another one in another place".

After the clip went up on TikTok, commenters soon identified that the location as Tampines bus interchange.


According to Shin Min Daily News, at least seven people were spotted looking for the hidden cash at Tampines. Some spent up to three hours searching for the money, only to end up disappointed when they couldn't find any.



It is unclear whether the TikToker really left the money there as netizens began to speculate that he was simply doing it for the views and likes while others suggested he might have kept the money back after filming the video clips.

Others commented that the money could have been given to the needy instead.

Despite the mixed responses on the TikTok videos, many netizens eager for the next "treasure hunt" recommended him the other places he could leave the money in.

Such stunts are not unheard of.

Last year, another TikToker @treatyourself_smt led people on a treasure hunt by hiding cash varying from $10 to $85 at various locations across the island. He later handed out $100 cash to his followers at random.

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