'Stylo Milo': Delivery rider entertains customer with silat moves outside flat

'Stylo Milo': Delivery rider entertains customer with silat moves outside flat
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Roads.sg

When a customer ordered a meal on GrabFood, he did not expect to be entertained by a delivery rider.

A Facebook video shared on Tuesday (Dec 28) — with more than 89,000 views — showed CCTV footage of the delivery rider placing the order at the customer's front gate.

As he was about to leave, the deliveryman showed off an impressive martial arts routine before walking away. 


In the comments, netizens praised the delivery rider for the passion shown towards his work. 

Some netizens also hinted that the 'stylo milo' move is known as silat pengantin. This form of martial arts display is traditionally performed at Malay weddings, according to BiblioAsia.


Speaking to Stomp, the customer was amused by the unexpected performance from the delivery rider.

He said: "Every time somebody presses my doorbell, it will show up in my phone and I can answer through video call. That's how I noticed this stylo milo delivery.

"Because of the short entertainment, I tipped him too. It's nice that he's doing his job while still entertaining others."

On Dec 22, another delivery rider's outstanding customer service came under the spotlight after he wowed a customer with his 'radio DJ' voice messages.

Arif Bin Isa shared that he sends such messages to give his customers a more atas (high-class) service.

He said: "My messages can also cheer them up a bit and encourage them to carry on with their lives daily."


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