'Tasted like normal ribeye': Diner has a beef with a Chinese restaurant in Jurong after paying $110 for 'Australian wagyu'

PHOTO: Stomp

He has a beef with the restaurant.

A man ordered $110 worth of Australian wagyu beef but said it tasted like ribeye.

It was at a Chinese restaurant called Hainan Second Street at IMM in Jurong.

On the evening of Nov 30, Stomp contributor Jimmy ordered the Australian wagyu beef steamboat set for four people.

But he said: "What they had was definitely not wagyu. When we verified with the manager and chef, they insisted that this was indeed wagyu."

The Stomp contributor shared a photo of the meat with a receipt from the restaurant.

PHOTO: Stomp

"The chef told us it was 100 per cent legitimate wagyu, but it tasted just like normal ribeye," said the Stomp contributor.

In response to a Stomp query, Hainan Second Street director Jimmy Lim shared images of the restaurant's menu, the two types of beef it offers and an invoice from its supplier.

Mr Lim told Stomp: "As you can see from the image of our menu on steamboat sets, we only offer two types of beef — normal beef slice and wagyu beef.

PHOTO: Stomp

"I have attached a picture of both our beef slices, the left being the normal beef and the right being the wagyu beef.

PHOTO: Stomp

"Also, I have attached an image of our past tax invoice of our purchase of wagyu beef from our supplier to prove that our beef is indeed wagyu.

PHOTO: Stomp

"Photos are difficult to differentiate the type of beef and we hope that our evidence above proves the authenticity of our food."

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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.