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'They didn't even stop to exchange contacts': Driver accuses trio of abandoning car after accident along PIE

'They didn't even stop to exchange contacts': Driver accuses trio of abandoning car after accident along PIE
The driver and passengers of the car in question took some pictures before allegedly fleeing the scene on foot.
PHOTO: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante

Three people involved in a collision along the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) have been accused of fleeing the scene by the driver of the car they hit.

A series of pictures posted to Facebook group SG Road Vigilante on Friday (June 14) showed two men and one woman exiting a dark blue car, which had rear-ended a silver car.

One of the men can be seen holding a pink paper bag, while the second is seemingly taking pictures of the collision.

The driver of the silver car, surnamed Yeo, said that he is looking to identify the three people who fled on foot after the accident, which took place on Friday morning along the PIE towards Tuas, before Exit 12.

"[They] did not even stop to exchange contacts. Spotted [them] carrying some pink bags and [they were] later observed to have crossed the expressway no longer carrying the bags," Yeo wrote.

He added that no record of the car's license plate number could be found on the One Motoring portal, attaching a screengrab of his search.

Another screengrab shows that the car also had two outstanding fines for traffic offences amounting to $140 in total, which were issued by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on June 11 and 14.

Trio seen collecting belongings after crash

Yeo, who was then on his way to a medical appointment when the collision happened, told AsiaOne that the behaviour of the three people had struck him as peculiar, but he did not think much of it at the time as he was still in shock.

"Immediately after the accident, I noticed that [the trio] started collecting their belongings from the car, including some [items] from the boot," Yeo said.

He added that he and the other drivers involved in the multiple vehicle collision only noticed that the trio was missing after they finished exchanging contacts with one another.

"One of the other drivers said he noticed them walking along the shoulder of the expressway and crossing to the other side. I saw them after they had crossed and were trying to walk off," Yeo said, adding that his car was a rental vehicle.

Responding to a comment on the Facebook post, Yeo also requested for dashcam footage from passing vehicles, explaining that he hoped to find footage in which the faces of the three accused are visible.

"Footage will be forwarded to the investigation officer... Will be greatly helpful for the police to potentially track them down," he wrote.

Police investigating

The police told AsiaOne that it was alerted to an accident involving a taxi and four cars along PIE towards Jurong at about 10.55am on Friday. And no injuries were reported.

Upon the police's arrival, one of the cars involved was found to be abandoned at the scene. It was subsequently established to have a deregistered vehicle registration number.

Investigations are ongoing.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told the Straits Times that it assessed one person for minor injuries but the person did not want to be taken to the hospital.

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