Un-Happy Meal: Woman receives hundreds of empty French fries boxes instead of McDonald's order

This McDonald's customer receives this instead of her breakfast order.
PHOTO: Tiktok/Illa_nocte

A McDonald's breakfast just hits a little differently, whether it's the taste or simply the nostalgia.

One woman, who goes by the name Illa_nocte on TikTok, wanted to treat herself to a nice McDonald's breakfast but her plans were scuppered after she was delivered hundreds of empty French fries boxes instead.

Illa_nocte shared her odd experience on TikTok on Monday (May 9). The 14-second video received 68,000 views and 77 comments at the time of writing.


Illa_nocte was expecting her Breakfast Deluxe and a Breakfast Wrap Sausage meal then.

"Feeling stressed over my small business and house moving, [I] decided to treat myself [to a] McDonald's breakfast but received this instead?" the caption read.

She rifled through the plastic bag but there were no signs of her food order, just hundreds of neatly-stacked empty French fries boxes in a plastic bag.

In her caption, she also jokingly asked, "can McDonald's explain, is this a collab [collaboration]?"

It is unclear what she intends to do with these boxes and if they have been returned to the fast-food chain. 

In the comments section, one netizen mentioned how mad they'd be if this had happened to them.

Illa_nocte, however, responded by saying "I don't know why but I woke up with extra patience today".

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Illa_nocte

Thankfully, the correct order eventually made its way to her, said Illa_nocte.

McDonald's Singapore, when contacted, declined to comment on the incident.

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