'Very dangerous': Family of 4 spotted riding PMA on road in Yishun

'Very dangerous': Family of 4 spotted riding PMA on road in Yishun
Four people were spotted riding a PMA along a road in Yishun.
PHOTO: Supplied to Shin Min Daily News

Some motorists in Yishun recently did a double-take after spotting four people riding a personal mobility aid (PMA) along a relatively busy road.

A woman surnamed Guo told Shin Min Daily News that she and her family were driving past Junction 9 at around 9pm on Thursday (Feb 28) when they chanced upon the startling sight.

"I saw a man riding a PMA and a woman sharing the seat with him. He was gripping the steering handle in one hand and holding a girl in the other," said the 69-year-old woman.

"The girl's body was actually outside the PMA, and she was also holding onto her schoolbag. It was a worrying sight."

Guo added that there was another boy standing in the small space between the scooter's seat and steering handle. She believes that the riders are a family of four.

If the man were to relax his hold, the girl would fall from the PMA, according to Shin Min. There were also quite a number of vehicles on the road.

"I think this is very dangerous, if a child falls on the road and gets run over by a car, there will be unimaginable consequences," said Guo.

"And if an accident happens, not only will they themselves be injured, but other road users as well."

The woman told Shin Min that the family of four were riding on the road for at least 10 minutes.

"I have seen two or three people riding a PMA together, but this is the first time I saw four people riding one together.

"I hope the authorities can deal with offenders to prevent tragedies from occurring," she said.

According to the Land Transport Authority, PMAs are not allowed to travel on roads, and PMA users cannot carry passengers.

Last December, the Active Mobility Advisory Panel proposed to only allow people with certified walking difficulties to use PMAs.

This comes after rising worries in recent years that able-bodied people have been misusing mobility aids, particularly mobility scooters. These include concerns over dangerous riding, speeding and overly large mobility aids.

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