Wall of shame: Shop at Yishun mall displays shoplifters' photos complete with 'citations'

Wall of shame: Shop at Yishun mall displays shoplifters' photos complete with 'citations'
PHOTO: TikTok/Syapls

One struggle businesses face is sneaky shoplifters who swipe things off the shelves when no one is looking. 

So, sick and tired of getting ripped off, a Venus Beauty outlet at Northpoint City has created a rather impressive wall of shame. 

Content creator Nurul Syafiqa noticed this during a recent visit to the beauty supply store and showed what it looked like in a TikTok video uploaded on Tuesday (Jan 10). 

"This shop literally featured a wall of shoplifters," she said in the captions. 

A quick pan of the shop walls revealed multiple laminated photos of the perpetrators arranged in neat rows. 

Some of the pictures had the thieves' faces photoshopped into a mock frame. 

There were even 'citations' indicating how many times the shoplifters stole from the store as well as when they were caught. 

"He had stolen a tin of milk powder. Might have stolen products from other outlets too," read one. 


More creative ones featured CCTV footage done up comic book-style, complete with the header: "Our CCTV not spoil one ok [sic]!" 

Upon seeing the video, many netizens were amused at the extent this shop went.

"I know this is to stop shoplifters but man, if I'm in that I would be super embarrassed," Syafiqa wrote. 

Several netizens shared that it wasn't just the Northpoint City branch that had a wall of shame — other Venus Beauty outlets have it too. 

Some even joked that catching shoplifters may be a side quest for the employees. 

One also said the photos looked like wall decorations. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Venus Beauty for more details. 

Back in November, some students from an elite private school in Australia were arrested for shoplifting from the Victoria's Secret store at Mandarin Gallery and a Crocs store along Orchard Road

CCTV cameras had caught them stashing away expensive undergarments at Victoria's Secret and leaving without paying. 

They were caught by the police while still within the Mandarin Gallery shopping mall and brought back to the store. 

The police said then that six teenagers aged 14 to 16 were arrested in relation to the case and that investigations are ongoing.

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