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Watch out: Spilled paint at Eunos has pedestrian and cyclist slipping and sliding

Watch out: Spilled paint at Eunos has pedestrian and cyclist slipping and sliding
The spilled paint on the pedestrian crossing caused a man and a woman to slip and fall.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Some passers-by in Eunos were greeted with a strange sight last Sunday (Nov 27), where a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Changi Road and Joo Chiat Road was splattered with white paint

An unfortunate pedestrian and cyclist, not realising that the paint was wet, slipped and fell unceremoniously, getting their clothes stained in the process, reported Shin Min Daily News. 

An eyewitness surnamed Pan, told the Chinese daily he was surprised to see the road in such a state.

"I think there was a lorry carrying white paint that drove past, the vehicle must have been rocked, causing the paint to spill on the road," he added.  

When reporters from Shin Min arrived on site at about 3pm, they noticed other vehicles driving over the spilled paint, which inadvertently made the mess worse. 

A paint bucket was also spotted near where the accident occurred. 

Some workers had already barricaded the area, but pedestrians were still able to cross the road. 

Pan, who is also a resident of the area, also shared that a woman in her 30s or 40s had slipped on the wet paint. 

"Her hair and clothes were stained white. She looked rather lost as she stood up, but left shortly after." 

An employee of a nearby provision shop, Liu, said: "Other than that woman, there was also a man who fell while riding his bicycle. He was stained all over, but he wasn't injured." 

Leah, an employee of a nearby biscuit shop told the Chinese daily that she found out about the incident from some customers.

"The authorities came to clean the road but they couldn't clean it completely, so the road was still white," said the 20-year-old. 

AsiaOne has contacted the Land Transport Authority for more information. 

Falling in public spaces 

According to Ray Louis Law, members of the public who slip and fall in public spaces may be eligible for a public liability claim

Some examples of public liability claims include injuries caused by uneven and dangerous footpaths and pavements, or injuries caused by sharp objects or by objects falling from a height in a public place. 

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