'What injustice': Motorcyclist upset insurance company can't help with claims after hit-and-run accident

'What injustice': Motorcyclist upset insurance company can't help with claims after hit-and-run accident
A Malaysian-registered motorbike rear-ended Julie Goh's motorbike sending her flinging to the ground.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Roads.sg

Generally, the purpose of buying insurance is to be protected from unforeseen situations.

Motorist Julie Goh however, got quite a rude shock when she was involved in what she said was her first hit-and-run motorcycle accident on Wednesday (June 29) but was unable to claim against the other motorist. 

After heading to her insurer NTUC Income to make a claim, Goh said that she was shocked to find out that she was unable to claim for damages as the motorcycle that rear-ended her was a Malaysian-registered vehicle.

The following day, an angry Goh uploaded a 27-second-clip of the accident on the Facebook page Roads.sg.


In that video, the rear view camera installed on Goh's motorcycle managed to capture the incident showing a Malaysian-registered motorcycle smashing into Goh's bike causing her to fall.

Goh said that the impact of the crash broke the rear reflector of her motorbike and she fell, hitting her head on the ground. 

She added that the impact was so great her helmet visor shattered and flew off. She also said the rider left the scene after that.

She said the insurance company told her that it is unable to claim against a Malaysian-registered vehicle, even if the accident happened in Singapore.

"What injustice.. I feel upset and angry," she posted. It is unclear where and when the accident took place.

According to insurance company MSIG, claims involving Malaysian motorists can be a long-drawn process given the difference in protocols and the company listed some steps to take if one is ever involved in such an accident.

When claiming against foreign motorists, the General Insurance Association reminds road users to make a traffic police report within 24 hours of the accident.

Motorists are also advised to claim against their own policy should they have a comprehensive motor insurance policy and they can also approach GIA's Malaysian counterpart, Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia for assistance. 

Reach out to the police

Generally, road accidents need to be reported to the police if it involves fatalities, hit-and-run cases and cyclists. 

However if the other party involved in the accident is not seriously injured, the motorist should try to exchange information with the other party including their full names and insurers' details. 

In the Facebook comments section of Goh's post, many netizens encouraged her to reach out to the police.

"Compensation is one thing, hit and run is another, you should make a police report," a Facebook user said.

Others provided detailed instructions on where she can go from there. 

While many Facebook users took Goh's side, others asked why she slammed on the brakes prior to the impact.

In her reply, Goh said that there was a three-car pile-up in the lane to her right and one of the drivers who was on the road "took a step back" into her lane. 

She said she braked immediately and the Malaysian bike slammed into her. 

AsiaOne has reached out to Goh and NTUC Income for more information. 

In June 2014, motorist Edward Loh was sentenced to eight weeks jail for failing to stop after an accident and to help the injured.

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