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'The wheel fell off and rolled away': BlueSG driver alerts other renters

'The wheel fell off and rolled away': BlueSG driver alerts other renters
PHOTO: Facebook/Tian Lee Wong

[UPDATE Nov 3] In response to AsiaOne's queries, BlueSG said that they are currently conducting a thorough investigation of the incident.

“Regardless, we have also conducted additional safety checks on our fleet to ensure the safety of our vehicles and for our members,” the company's spokesperson added.

A renter did not think too much when the BlueSG car she used let out had a "weird sound".

Little did she expect the front left tire, rim and all, to detach from the moving vehicle.

On Mon (Nov 1), Facebook user Tian Lee Wong uploaded a post on BlueSG Users Group about this vehicle from the electric car-sharing outfit. The post has garnered over 460 shares and 80 comments.


"If you feel that the car has some weird sound or tremble when driving, please do not continue. I was lucky to stop in time before the left wheel fell off and rolled away.

"Can't image [sic] if I was driving at the expressway," she said.

She also said that there was neither an alert signal nor collision, prior to the wheel falling off.

Based on the photos and comments from Facebook, bolts – which would have held the wheel to the disc brake – were missing from the car's front left wheel. 

In the comments section, some netizens shared their experience with BlueSG in the past and criticised the quality of their product and service.

Elsewhere, a netizen suggested to wait for the full story and claimed the driver's antics may have led to this incident.

Another said that she needed to perform the mandatory pre-ride checks before passing the electric car as acceptable to be driven. 

According to BlueSG's official FAQ page, all damages found on the car must be informed prior to a renter's departure, and the renter may be liable for the damages if it is reported during or after their rental. 

AsiaOne has reached out to BlueSG for comment.

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