Who let the chickens out? Yishun family pecks back at neighbours who cried fowl over their pets

Who let the chickens out? Yishun family pecks back at neighbours who cried fowl over their pets
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Neighbourly disputes can be taxing on both parties and at times, people take drastic measures in hopes of solving the issue. 

Over at Blk 358 Yishun Ring Road, a couple who kept five pet chickens in a cage outside their HDB flat recently came under fire from their neighbour Suhardi who complained that his family have been suffering from the smell and noise caused by these animals. 

Suhardi said previously that he had approached the Nee Soon Town Council, the police and even his Member of Parliament for help but there was no resolution. 

Now, the couple has come forward to share their version of events, saying that in May this year five of their chickens mysteriously disappeared, reported Shin Min Daily News yesterday (Aug 19).

They bought another five chickens and decided to set up a CCTV camera outside their house as a precaution.

Throat cut

And this time, the couple said that CCTV footage showed Suhardi's family tampering with the birds.

The couple claimed on July 30 when they were away in Malaysia, a member of Suhardi's family released and harmed some of the chickens in that cage.

"Once we got out of the car when we returned to Singapore on July 31, my wife realised that five of the chickens in the coop had disappeared," recounted the man. 

"One of the chickens have been left on the grass with its throat cut. We were terrified."

The couple said they have since lost 10 of their chickens to date but have recently purchased four more birds in August. 

Speaking to the Chinese daily, the couple expressed surprise at Suhardi's family's reaction to their pets. 

Having moved into their ground floor unit some three years ago, they only started raising chickens two years back but claimed that Suhardi's family did not voice any form of unhappiness over the animals. 

The couple said that they had even privately asked Suhardi's son if he was bothered by the fowls and he said he wasn't. 

However, the couple said they spoke to him again on Monday (Aug 15) and he said he did not like the chickens which "surprised" them.


Responding to accusations that they were feeding the birds leftover food which attracted rats, and that the chicken faeces cause a stench, the couple shared that the chicken coop is cleaned every day. 

They claim that they have spent over $1,400 on chicken feed and that the chickens are not fed with leftovers.

"After our neighbour's story went viral on the internet, we were dubbed 'the neighbours from hell' for no reason and we felt helpless and aggrieved," said the couple who added that they are now considering filing a lawsuit against the family to get a public apology. 

Nee Soon Town Council said previously that its officers have been engaging both the owner of the chickens and Suhardi, reported Stomp on Thursday (Aug 18).

The town council added that they are attempting mediation between the neighbours.

"We are also exploring alternative ways for the chicken owner to keep the chickens while also considering the living environment of the feedback provider," said the town council. 

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