Who needs walls? 7 fresh ideas on open concept homes

PHOTO: Qanvast

Imagine arriving at your apartment, opening the main door, and seeing a cramped, cluttered space. If that instantly puts you off, it's time to tear down those interior walls and reconsider if some doors are even necessary at all.

The perpetual search for more space, light, and flexibility in small homes have pushed interior designers to find more creative solutions, just like the ones found in these seven sublime apartments. With open-plan common areas and private bedrooms, their hybrid configurations present homeowners with the best of both worlds.

1. An atypical open concept is chosen for this Zen-inspired home, which has two cosy reading and study nooks carved out of the main living area.

These alcoves may be zoned away, but without any doors, they're still very much connected to the larger open area - a brilliant idea to work around that structural column you just can't tear down!

Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

Cost of Renovation: $49,000

2. A New York loft effect is achieved by anchoring the cooking and dining spaces with a statement island countertop that extends out into a dining table. The large window built into the bedroom's wall was another bold choice that let much more natural light in.

Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast

Interior Firm: The Local INN.terior

Cost of renovation: $130,000

3. Larger interior spaces tend to look grander. With an open-plan design, you can take it up another notch and create a posh-looking space by fitting it out with luxurious furnishings. This home does just that with upholstered dining chairs, gold hardware, and wainscoted details.

Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast

Interior Firm: Aart Boxx Interior

Cost of Renovation: $100,000

4. With sharp lines, fuss-free aesthetics, and smoky tones that resemble the latest bespoke bar rather than a home, this apartment's style points is off the charts! The living and kitchen areas, which are connected yet partially segmented, also illustrates how open floor plans can be made to feel cosy and intimate as well.

Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast

Interior Firm: Aestherior

5. Create an impeccable space by uniting the kitchen, living, and dining areas not only with an open concept, but also with a coherent aesthetic. The Scandinavian-Japanese theme imbued into every inch of this home is well-thought-out, with every furnishing and furniture design detail chosen to harmonise. It results in a calming home that speaks volumes of the dwellers' personal taste!

Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast

Interior Firm: Lemonfridge Studio

Cost of Renovation: $54,000

6. Open-plan living means having an abundance of natural light flooding in, and guests can mingle easily during gatherings. However, it can also mean that any clutter will be in plain sight. Every interior design decision should suit your lifestyle, and if you love having people over every weekend, we'd say, take cues from this home!

Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast

Interior Firm: Escapade Studios

Cost of Renovation: $60,000

7. One of the most popular and effective way to enlarge an apartment's common area is to bring down the wall that divides the kitchen from the living area. With that out of the way, there's more flexibility to accommodate larger furniture, like the countertop that links the wet and dry kitchens together and creates a graceful flow of space out into the living room.

Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast Photo: Qanvast

Interior Designer: Icon Interior Design

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