Who's harassing who? 'Hwa Chong' woman has dedicated account filming passers-by and accusing them of harassment

Who's harassing who? 'Hwa Chong' woman has dedicated account filming passers-by and accusing them of harassment
PHOTO: Twitter/Ryan Kalmani, Screengrab/YouTube

[UPDATE: April 28] 'Hwa Chong' woman loses job and YouTube channel after accusing passers-by of harassment

Looks like last week's public stunt in the train wasn't the 'Hwa Chong' woman's first rodeo.

Following her rise to infamy — thanks to a viral clip showing her filming passengers with her mobile phone and accusing them of harassing her while prattling on about being a graduate from then Hwa Chong Junior College — the middle-aged woman's social media accounts were dug up as netizens sought to uncover her identity.

Instead, they discovered her collection of self-recorded videos, all titled along the lines of "Malay/Indian harassing Chinese", on her YouTube channel on Monday (April 26).

Her first video dates back to 2016, though she only started regularly uploading videos somewhere in April 2019.

They feature pretty much the same content throughout the channel. A person of the mentioned ethnicity minding their own business while she (usually) records them without a word.

One particular family didn't even realise they were being recorded until the woman's YouTube account was exposed.

"We were very engrossed by our selection of peanut butter that we didn't notice [her]," the man tweeted on Monday.

Other videos, however, aren't as peaceful and show her screaming and yelling at her target, even chasing after them as they tried to avoid her.

In her video descriptions, she would make multiple and differing claims – to explain why she makes the same type of videos – besides describing what's happening in these videos.

According to Singapore Legal Advice, her action of filming someone else does not constitute a breach of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) as she did so in her personal capacity in a public area.

However, she was arrested once in 2018 for disorderly behaviour inside Starbucks' Paragon outlet.

In response to AsiaOne's queries, the police said reports were lodged in relation to last week's incident, and a 57-year-old woman is currently assisting with the investigations.

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