Woman asks 'where's my groom' on day of wedding - it has to do with Covid-19

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/iamjoyceyap

It was supposed to be her wedding day but 25-year-old Joyce Yap spent it alone in her room.

In a TikTok video last Sunday (Feb 20), she wondered: "Where's my groom?"

No, this is not a case of a runaway groom. Covid-19, however, had thrown a spanner into the couple's plans.

Yap said that they both caught the virus, with her fiance JJ testing positive on Feb 14, and herself three days later.

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In an earlier TikTok video, she said that her fiance felt a bit unwell after collecting their marriage certificates on Feb 14. 

"I gave him an ART kit to test for fun (when he felt unwell). He tested positive and I knew I might get it since we shared food together," Yap wrote as she held out hope that their wedding could still proceed after JJ ended his isolation on Feb 20 noon.

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Speaking to AsiaOne, Yap recalled feeling "stressed and overwhelmed" while waiting for the result of her own polymerase chain reaction test after her fiance had tested positive for Covid-19.

"There were many uncertainties and I had to deal with them. I don't know if I'd be positive any time or maybe even on my wedding day itself," she said.

"When I had to postpone the wedding, I was pretty calm. I knew nothing can be done except to postpone or cancel it."

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After informing family and friends of the change in plans, Yap also had to speak to the wedding vendors involved.

Adding that the only additional cost went to the hotel where they will be holding their wedding dinner, Yap said: "It's definitely out of the planned budget. But it's within our means."

While she had thought of cancelling the wedding, JJ wanted to go through with it for memories' sake.

The couple will be tying the knot on March 20 instead.

"Most of the wedding guests are quite chill. Some of my relatives and friends shared that they just got Covid-19 too. So I guess the postponement works," Yap said.

"I just hope we can get married next month without any issues again."