Woman in Balestier condo traps delivery man in lift

PHOTO: Facebook screengrabs

A Qxpress delivery man was on his way to deliver parcels to two units in Balestier Point when an angry resident stopped him in his tracks and confined him within a lift yesterday (Oct 7).

The resident had allegedly taken issue with him entering the condominium when she opened the gate.

In a now-deleted viral video, originally uploaded by the deliveryman, the woman was heard yelling at a security guard: "I opened this gate. How can he like that go in? I'm not open door for him [sic]!"

While she continued to kick up a fuss, the resident planted herself firmly against the lift's doors, refusing to let them close.

When the deliveryman tried to step out of the lift, she immediately stuck her leg up against the door, blocking him and trapping him inside.

His attempts at explaining that he was only there to make deliveries only seemed to make her more agitated.

"I'm not open for you! Why you like that go! You're so rude [sic]!" she railed.

In a follow-up post, the delivery man explained that he had dialled up the intercom and asked his delivery recipients to open the gate for him. Seeing that the gated unlocked shortly after, he entered the premise, walking past the offended resident as he did so.

According to him, the woman had "rudely told [him] to wait as you'd speak to a dog."

AsiaOne understands the police were called for assistance and the man was allowed to complete his delivery before giving his statement.

The delivery man lamented that the ordeal had cost him his time and money as he was paid per parcel delivered. 

The video of the incident has since been re-uploaded onto various social media websites, gathering nearly 4,000 shares at the time of writing.

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